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Based on my interview journey as a junior(ish) developer

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When I was approaching graduation from a software bootcamp in 2018, people always told me, “Your first job will be the hardest to find!”

For me personally, that turned out to be anything but true. I secured a job two days after graduation, and found the interview process extremely easy…

Trying to decide if you should work for a small start-up or vast conglomerate? Here’s a look at my experience at both

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I’ve had the opportunity to spend over a year as a software engineer at both a small startup (with 5 employees) and a Fortune 500 company (with over 10k employees) and have many thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of each. While 1+ years isn’t much experience,

I’ve at least…


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the world — I’ve had my head down at my new job (as a video producer at StudioNow) and kept things quiet for a while. It’s been nice to be busy and feel important again, especially after an aimless year in school that…

Sarah Morris O’Keefe

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